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June 22-23rd, 2024

📅 Schedule

☝️ Day 1

9:00 AM: Arrival

Welcome to Windy City Hacks! You'll arrive at Towne Place West, nestled in a quiet and cozy community, you'll have the ability to dive heads first into your project!

9:30 AM: Opening Ceremony

The Windy City Hacks opening ceremony will begin! Tune in to learn about our event prompt, meet our sponsors, and all the workshops we have planned.

10:15-10:30 AM: Team Formation

The opening ceremony will end, and you'll begin organizing your teams! Make sure to register your team with the Team Registration form, and find a cozy spot to hole up for the few hours.

11:00 AM: Hacking Begins

You'll start hacking with your teams! Make sure to follow the prompt shared during the opening ceremony, and be ready to work together to build something amazing!

12:00 PM: Git & Github Workshop

Learn how to use Git and Github to collaborate on your projects. You'll also be given access to the Github Student Developer Pack, with a ton of free tools for your project. It might be smart to attend this for the personal website workshop later!

1:00 PM: Snack

Hungry from all that hacking? We'll be offering snacks - grab a bite to eat and stay hydrated while you work on your projects. Feel free to bring lunch/snacks of your own!

1:30 PM: Talk with Michael Odongo (Angaza Center)

While eating your snack, come and listen to Michael Odongo from the Angaza Center talk about the importance of technology literacy, and how the Angaza Center is working to bridge the digital divide worldwide.

2:30 PM: ML/AI Workshop

Interested in incorporating machine learning into your projects? Join us for a workshop led by a government intern, where you'll learn the fundamentals of AI. This session will provide a crash course on deep learning, guiding you through the application of neural networks in real-world scenarios. Learn how to train basic ML models to enhance your projects.

3:30 PM: Personal Website Workshop

Want to show off your projects to the world? In this workshop, you'll learn how to build a personal website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and host it with Github Pages! You'll also get 🧋 free Boba Tea during dinner (if you complete the workshop)

5:30 PM: Dinner

Time to eat! Take a break from all your hard work, and enjoy some delicious pizza with your team. And, if you completed the personal website workshop, you'll get 🧋 free Boba Tea!

7:30 PM: Dessert

While you're hacking away, you can grab a sweet treat to end your day!

8:00 PM: Game Development Workshop

Ever wanted to build your own game? In this workshop, you'll learn how to go behinds the scenes in Roblox Studio to build whatever your heart desires, and maybe incorporate it into your project!

8:30 PM: Typing Contest

Step away from your project and have some fun! You'll be competing against other attendees to see who can type the fastest in a TypeRacer tournament, and whoever wins will get a prize.

9:00 PM: Head Home

It's been a long day, you'll want to head home and recharge for Day 2. Or, you can keep hacking away with your friends online. We'll see you tomorrow!

✌️ Day 2

8:30 AM: Breakfast

Welcome back for Day 2. You'll head on back to Towne Place West, and enjoy a bagel breakfast with your team to kick off the final stretch!

10:00 AM: Project Submission Deadline

You'll submit your project to us by 10:00 AM sharp. The organizers and a select group of industry judges will review them all based on a standard rubric. In the mean-time, relax and be proud of yourselves!

11:30 AM: Closing Ceremony

You'll join us one last time to celebrate the end of Windy City Hacks! We'll be giving out some awesome prizes to the winners (and some superlatives).

12:00 PM: Leave

Wow, Windy City Hacks flew by quick! We're so glad you came, and hope you had a great time. See you next year!

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