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June 22-23rd, 2024

🔎 Who are we?

Windy City Hacks is a free two-day event for programmers, artists, designers, & other high schoolers in the Chicagoland area to come together and build apps & games. We'll provide workshops to learn, mentors to assist, food to eat, and prizes to win. The next day, judges will pick the best demos to win prizes!

🤷 But why?

Now, more than ever, coding and digital design have become vital skills. Classes in school are great, but don't offer a way for you to think outside of the box. Learning online builds independence, with confusion and lack of community. Building (and breaking) things together is the best way to learn. That's why we're here.


What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a two-day event where you can learn to code, build apps, and meet new friends. We'll have workshops, mentors, and prizes to help you along the way.

Who can come?

If you're a high schooler, you can come! All skill levels are welcome, from complete beginner to expert. You can form teams, or fly solo. Just make sure to bring a valid school ID!


Not THAT type of hacking, we're not hacking into servers or databases. The word is being redefined to mean building "things", like websites, games, or apps!

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Registration, attendence -- the entire event is 100% free, thanks to our generous sponsors. Food, drinks, workshops, and prizes are all included. Interested in sponsoring? Contact us!

What should I bring?

First, yourself! Then, make sure to bring a computer, chargers, anything else that may help you hack. Don't forget a student ID! We'll be checking at the door.

Who is organizing this? Will it be supervised?

Windy City Hacks is independently organized by a group of high school students from the Chicagoland area, fiscally sponsored by an international nonprofit called The Hack Foundation. We'll have adult mentors and chaperones supervising the entire event.

🤟 Sponsors

This could be YOU! Contact us to learn more about sponsorships.

🤝 Leadership

Andrew Wolf

Stevenson High School

Connor Lin

Stevenson High School

Miles Klein

Stevenson High School

Jacob Zerull

Stevenson High School

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